About CHANCE Children’s Home

CHANCE Children’s Home primary purpose is to provide the children with clothes, housing, schooling, food, security and stability.

We aim to provide the children with the necessary therapy, life skills, love and emotional support that the children need to become responsible adults.

The reasons why the children were found in need of care in terms of the Child Care Act 74/83 vary. Many children are orphans, some were abandoned by their parents and some were neglected or physically/sexually abused.

The majority were exposed to circumstances which may harm the well-being to the child, by their parents / caregivers.


Only a few children receive visits from their parents or relatives and very few children visit their parents or relatives during school holidays. The ultimate goal is to recover the children in the care of their parents of to place them in foster care of relatives or friends. Orphans can be adopted by screened adoptive parents

CHANCE childrens home ensures all the children’s nutritional needs are met. Setting up a safe entertainment area for the children to enjoy music and watch television.

Supplying proper clothes and school uniform to all children. Ensure all children are healthy and that their medical needs are met. Ensure a safe environment by providing accommodation and electricity and Child Care Workers.

To ensure children are transported in a legal vehicle. Ensure personal hygiene of all children are kept on standard. Upgrading of the sport facilities and equipment.

Providing the children with a positive outlet for their energy.
Providing the Social Workers with adequate equipment and office furniture.

Upgrading of server software and additional computes for the Media Centre. Giving of your time and skills is an invaluable way to bring joy and hope into the life of a child who’s been neglected or abused.

Our Mission

We are a children’s home that accommodates vulnerable children and children who are in need of care and protection through, providing quality services so as to improve the quality of their lives and enhance their development so that they can be independent and responsible members of the society.

To inspire the world on how vulnerable children must be cared for and achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.

To adopt the role of the family of vulnerable children through providing a safe environment that caters for all their needs and also to improve their wellbeing and development

Our Vision

To be the best leading alternative home and/or care facility in providing quality services, care and protection for vulnerable children so as to holistically improve their functioning and development.

To provide hope and equal chance for every vulnerable child where there is full access to resources necessary for their development so as to reach their highest potentials.

To dedicate our time and resources in order to care and protect every vulnerable child through providing quality services necessary for their development for them to be responsible members of the society.

To provide hope and equal chance for every vulnerable child and our work is driven by our passion to be the best alternative home through quality service rendering for children to reach their highest potentials and be responsible members of society.

Our Story

How We Got Started

Trudy Howell, the founder and manager of Chance, died in January. 2014
The late Trudy Howell was the founder and the Manager of C.H.A.N.C.E for 17 years. After she experienced some health issues, she passed away on 07th January 2014.

Her late husband, Danny Howell, started the Home in Springs on 03 March 1996,
having recognised the need to support children who have been
abused, battered and abandoned. With the unexpected death of Mrs. Howell, the community was unsure of the future of

Hereafter, the Children’s Home became funded through government, but it is also heavily dependent on funding and goodwill donations from the community for its functioning.



Frequency Questions and Answers

What skills and experience do I need to volunteer?

For many of our volunteer roles you don’t need any specific skills or experience; enthusiasm, passion and the ability to encourage others are the most important skills required. Any specific skills and experience which are needed depend on the role you’re interested in. If specific skills, experience or qualifications are needed we will provide details on the role description.

Are all the children orphans?

All the children placed with LIV are defined as ‘children in need of care and protection’ under the Children’s Act. Some of the children are orphaned, and affected directly or indirectly by HIV. The others have not been cared for adequately at home; many suffering various degrees of neglect/abuse.

Do I have to have specific qualifications?

You don’t need qualifications, unless there are specific requirements needed for an allocated project or task. General volunteers can play and supervise the children, or perform basic admin duties.

What is a sponsorship?

Sponsorship is a recurring financial donation made by an individual, organisation or company, in which the funds are set aside for the specific purpose of supporting the children in CHANCE Children’s Home.

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CHANCE Children’s Home
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