Good Brothers lend Chance a hand

Good Brothers lend Chance a hand

African Reporter
August 9, 2017

Good Brothers Lend Chance a hand

Nigerian Good Brothers Club gave Chance a boost by giving them much needed groceries last Thursday.
Dunnottar – Nigerian Good Brothers Club donated much needed groceries to Chance Children’s Home, last Thursday.

Okeke Romanus, the club’s chairman, says that the movement aims to help as many people as they can reach.
“We want to make sure we leave a mark wherever we go. The aim is to create positive change in our community.”

Good Brothers was established in 2009 by Nigerian immigrants to help each other survive the harsh realities of this country.
“Initially, we were only helping each other in the brotherhood, but over time we have extended our resources to those around us,” adds Marcel Aghanwa, deputy chairperson of the club.

Marcel explains that the plight of orphans is a major concern for them.
“We know that these children do not have much, and they need someone to look out for their best interest.
We just want them to be fine and do well.”

Magda Reed, fundraiser at the home says that she is happy to receive the donation.
“We always appreciate people going out of their way to help us out.”

The club is committed to helping the home more and spending time with the children.