Helping the Children

Helping the Children

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July 24, 2013

In celebration of Mandela Day, the Construction Regiment of the Military Base situated in Dunnottar dedicated their time to repainting the buildings at the Children’s Home and Nurturing Centre (Chance) in Dunnottar.

Captain Rachel Cherenyane of the Construction Regiment was told about Chance by a friend.
“I came here and saw the condition of the buildings they are living in and decided that our staff need to assist them,” said Capt Cherenyane.

Hired jumping castles

The regiment hired jumping castles for the children to keep them entertained and invited the SABC 3 cast of Isidingo as well as various musicians to Chance to help renovate the buildings.

Capt Cherenyane said that the children were happy to know their home would look bright and new.

“I knew I had to get the jumping castles for them so that they could have fun while we do our work and they really do appreciate it,” she said, smiling
She added that the fact that her colleagues are always willing to help out is what she loves about them.

Owner and founder of Chance Trudy Howell opened the orphanage in March 1996 after adopting three of children.

With 86 children living at the home, it is not easy to keep up the maintenance of the buildings as the orphanage relies mainly on donations from the community.
“It’s fantastic that people have come out to help the children. I really think that South Africa should thrive on volunteers, ” said Trudy, adding that the children sang happy birthday to Mandela in the morning, “They know that this is set out for them, by him.”

“The children here have touched me a lot and we will definitely come back and keep helping Chance,” said Capt Cherenyane.