African reporter
June 27, 2017

Men Reach out to Vulnerable Children

The Sonqoba Simunye Burial Group from Duduza donated much needed winter jackets to the children of CHANCE children’s home in Dunnottar recently.

The Sonqoba Simunye men came out to donate winter jackets to the children of CHANCE children’s home on Saturday.
Nigel – Sonqoba Simunye Burial Group reach out by donating much needed winter jackets to the children of Chance Children’s Home in Dunnottar on Saturday.

Centre manager Kiddo Nkosi says the children need to see father figures being active in their lives.

“They are used to receiving female visitors.
“But I think seeing men come out like this will help restore the children’s confidence in males.”

The group from Duduza found out the ages and sizes of each child at the home, and bought them jackets.

“Each one got a jacket that fits perfectly.
“It was such a special gesture,” she adds.

Mthetheli Mini, coordinator of the charity committee, says the group is always looking for opportunities to give back to the community.
“We see a strong bond forming between us and the home.
“We did not realise the extent to which these children need father figures, but we are here now and we are committed.”

Mini says the men will make further visits, to help the children with homework and to play with them.
“I hope they will be good role models to the boys, because I know some of them have anger issues,” says Nkosi.

The men have also committed to teaching the boys how to do the garden and even to grow a vegetable patch.
“The staff is all female, so having men around will give the children a balanced picture of society and family.”

Nkosi adds she has been longing for the centre to collaborate with good men in this way.